Most Useful WordPress Blog Plugins in 2021

   A plugin is an additional application and functions that can be added to a WordPress site. They can increase extra features or new functions to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are mostly designed with PHP language to make it faster and easier for beginners to add additional features to their WordPress website without any coding knowledge.

   With more than 58,000 free plugins in the WordPress official plugin directory, there are also a huge number of third party plugins available, and it can be fractured for blog owners to find just the correct plugins to improve their WordPress Blog sites. The right plugins are forever helpful to increase the speed, security, and user-friendly customization of your blog.

Most Useful WordPress Blog Plugins

Free WordPress Plugins vs Premium Paid Plugins

   All WordPress Plugins come in free and premium forms. The option to go with a free or paid one is different from one to another. Mostly choosing the right plugin is very important for your WordPress blog. You choose perfect plugins to solve your specific problem or provide an essential function on WordPress.

  Often a free plugin does the job for the WordPress website. Beginners always only look for a paid plugin when they don’t select a free one that performs a similar task. Some bloggers believe that the free ones don’t equal the support and quality of the paid premium WordPress plugins. However, some paid and popular plugins are freely available on the internet.

  Best WordPress Blog Plugins of 2021

  I have tested thousands of best free and paid WordPress plugins, so I can choose it easy for our beginners to find the best for WordPress blog. In this post, I have posted more than 9 WordPress plugins for your blogging websites.

 1. Contact Form 7 Plugin

 2. Antispam Bee Plugin

 3. Yoast SEO Plugin

 4. Jetpack Plugin

 5. MonsterInsights Plugin

 6. WP Rocket Plugin

 7. Elementor Website Builder Plugin

 8. Easy Table of Contents Plugin

 9. OneSignal – Web Push Notifications Plugin

10. Advanced Ads Plugin

1. Contact Form 7 [ View/Download ]

Free Contact Form 7 Plugin

   WordPress Contact form 7 is one of the most popular plugins for creating effective forms. It is available on the Word Press plugin store, easy to install, and no need to deploy. Every beginner uses Contact Form 7 with any responsive themes that have integrated forms because those forms do not offer customization and help options.

 Contact Form 7 can add multiple contact forms and customize the form and the email form easily and simply. The form supports captcha, writing, submitting, and spam filtering.

2. Antispam Bee [ View/Download ]

Free Antispam Bee Plugin

   Really facing a lot of spam comments on your WordPress blog site? The comment section’s main usage is for users to share their feedback and suggestions on content. This can help every blogger to improve its content for readers. Sadly, there are so many hatters and spammers trying to spam your blog. Basically, you just need to install the spam bee plugin.

  Spam comments are always a big issue for bloggers. Trying to maintain spam-free comments all the time is frustrating to work with. The best way to deal with spam in a WordPress blog is to use one of the antispam bee plugins.

3. Yoast SEO [ View/Download ]

Yoast SEO Plugin

   Every WordPress site needs an SEO plugin, it may be free or paid for, but when it comes to SEO plugins for WordPress, Yoast SEO is one of the best options on the market. WordPress already boasts SEO, has built-in new features, and provides offers the most comprehensive set of tools to optimize and to give you the freedom to control your WordPress blog SEO.

 In some cases, new blog beginners are not familiar with any SEO plugins and find it difficult to decide which is the best plugin option they should use in the WordPress Blog. So Yoast SEO can be easy to use for WordPress.

4. Jetpack [ View/Download ]

Free Jetpack Plugin

    If you have already started a WordPress blog, you know that there are plenty of plugins available for functional and add new features, but Jetpack is all in one plugin made for WordPress site Security, Backup, Speed, Growth. It has come up with many additional features and services into the blog.

Jetpack is one of the best used and most popular WordPress plugins on the WordPress plugin directory. It can be easy to understand, install, and customize for new bloggers.

5. MonsterInsights [ View/Download ]

MonsterInsights Plugin

   Are you searching for the best Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress blog? All of you know analytics is more important. It provides real data and is the most trusted way to grow your site quickly. With the MonsterInsights plugin, you can directly connect your WordPress blog to Google Analytics in just a few simple steps.

  MonsterInsights is a trusted and popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress Sites. This plugin helps you find out how all visitors use your site. On MonsterInsights, you can easily install it on your WordPress site on Google Analytics in just a few simple steps. The MonsterInsights plugin helps you discover how visitors find and use your site, so you can keep them coming back.

6. WP Rocket [ View/Download ]

WP Rocket Plugin

  For a WordPress blog, there are so many cache plugins available to make your blog load faster and improve SEO rankings. The WP Rocket cache plugin creates a cache of files for your blog posts, and whenever visitors access the post-it serves it directly from the cached files.

 The WordPress community recognizes the WP rocket as the most powerful and advanced caching tool. It offers a wide range of new options and automatic stabilization and optimization features. You do not need extra coding knowledge to install and use the WP Rocket plugin.

7. Elementor Website Builder [ View/Download ]

Free Elementor Website Builder Plugin

  Interested in starting your own custom page on the WordPress Blog? The Elementor website plugin creates a WordPress Blog with a fast drag 'drop' option, and page builders can easily create a beautiful WordPress Page with static layouts. You don't need a coding expert to create a WordPress customer page. Use an elementary page builder plugin.

 Elementor pro helps you add a new layout, styling, background, typography, and already available template to your WordPress blog. In the new Elementor Pro version, you can self-design your entire WordPress theme to a new level without any coding.

8. Easy Table of Contents [ View/Download ]

Free Easy Table of Contents Plugin

   Are you interested in creating a table of the content box on some of your long articles on the WordPress blog? A table of the content plugin makes it simple for users to select what they want to read.

  The visitor’s Experience should be essential for a WordPress blog as well as a blogger. In some cases, it may be difficult to read all covered content, so the user skips or else incorporate it into another site. No need to worried just click to install table of the content plugin in your WordPress blog.

9. OneSignal – Web Push Notifications [ View/Download ]

Free OneSignal – Web Push Notifications Plugin

    OneSignal – Web Push Notifications is a good and fastest plugin service to send push notifications to your WordPress blog; they provide emails and in-app messages, to your visitors on mobile and web site.

  OneSignal Push notification plugin is an alert-based pops up on the WordPress blog that prompts you to do something the calls you to action it allows you to speak directly to any users at the best time and the perfect place. It's very immediate action and hard to ignore with great service comes great responsibility as well as on Blogger.

10. Advanced Ads [ View/Download ]

Free Advanced Ads Plugin

  After running a blog, there is a lot of ways to make money. When you are a beginner, the best way to earn money from your blog is to display advertisements on your blog through reputed ad networks, most preferably google or other CPM networks such as Showing and managing all ads on your WordPress blog is processing easy.

   But if your blog getting huge traffic, and more trusted advertisers, you’ll probably want a simple plugin to help you manage those ads easy way.

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