How To Start a Blog in 2021? Best Guide For Beginners to Create a Blog

  Nowadays, Everyone Interested to Create a Free Blog, initial days I spent a lot of time searching How to start a Blog? Also, I made a ton of mistakes to build a Professional Blog. Now I am a professional Blogger who creates a hundred Blog sites after building Blogs for the last six years.

   Today I guide you on how to make a Blog. Its free, beautiful, and easy to modify. You are in the right place to start your first Blog all easy & quick step by step free Guide for Beginners tutorial. The best part of Blogging is it can also generate extra income with your creative, professional, and passionate work.

  This page Guides you on how to start a blog (free) and easy. Earn real online money, no need to worry about blogging experience & knowledge.

How To start a Blog? GuideLoud.Com

What is a Blog? Why you should create a Blog in 2021.

The Blog is a web page where all content and information are writing in any language. It connects the  author to you to share knowledgeable ideas, personal views, news, etc.

  If you have any knowledge that is informative and shareable ideas then you can start a blog it connects millions of reader worldwide, it can begin small topics no need to worried only need creativity knowledge and writing power.
In a blogger career, your growth and income depend on your potential ideas and writing skills.

How to Start a Blog Step by Step Guide

 1. Choose a blog idea. Pick something New or an informative topic.

 2. Register your Blog. Get Domain and Hosting.

 3. Add a theme on Blog. Easy Available Free or paid.

 4. Launch your Blog. Check any issues.

 5. Write your first Post. Publish It.

 6. Add New Content and promote Blog. Get More Reader for your Blog.

 7. Blogging make money. Monetization and promotion for income.

Step 1: Choose a blog idea

  Start, Your first step to find the right Blog name its easy to remember, be unique, and the right niche for your Blog. If you are sure about your niche, choose the blog name if you doubt I can suggest you more topic and select a perfect blog name.
  Personal Blog, Hobbies & Experience. A personal Blog looks like your mirror. You can post your daily routine, what you are doing, and what you do, share your personal life and professional work, hobbies, interesting facts, etc.
  Education, Knowledge & Skills. The Best part of human is Knowledge, and it's more valuable than money now the time of online era every one learns online, so you can share skills& Knowledge with the reader and students to educate them with your Blog.
  Tech and Gadgets Review. Modern people always need gadgets and technology for daily life, the same way new gadgets and technology launching and available for the consumer you can provide correct information and news in your Blog. You can also review gadgets and provide features and usage to the audience.
  Tourism & Informative News. If you are a traveler, you can share your experience on Blog page your Guide to people, place, and food also information regarding new tourism places.
  Fashion & Lifestyle. Love to wear new fashionable clothes, you can review men  & women apparels share your experience and     review on the Blog.
   You can choose other Blog ideas as per your choice and Interest. We only provide a few popular Blog topics above.

Blogging Domain & Hosting GuideLoud.Com

Step 2: Register your Blog

   After select ideas for a blog, then you will need a domain and hosting. There are many domain extensions available, but the best is .com. If not available, you should select .net or .org. The most important part is the domain name. Choose small, unique, and matching your topic.
  For hosting you can use free or paid if you are a beginner, then choose a starter or beginner hosting pack its price low and conventional for the pocket.
 ● Domain Provider For Registration. Domain registration is the first process for a blog. The Blog Name is also Known as Domain name. Choose a trusted domain register for registration of your blog name. Better to avoid free and subdomain, search your domain, add to cart signup and login, then the payment, no need to worried. You can search and find out best on the market to register a blog name
 ● Hosting Registration. After domain, the second part is reliable hosting. You can choose free and paid providers, for free you can use WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. Paid hosting is best for a blog; it supports various script, themes, templates, and SEO. For registration of hosting, there are many popular blog hosting providers available.
    Visit reliable hosting site complete signup process Select your plan to choose primary/starter pack it's low and affordable if you have already owned a domain, add there or register a new domain fill all details after successful payment visit dashboard if you face any issue to connect the domain to hosting change name server of the domain.

Step 3: Add a theme on Blog

For a new blogger, WordPress is a commonly used platform for use themes, customize and secure. 
  Login your hosting account and install WordPress after complete process change themes already there are free Themes & design available select one activate and finished the process you can change color, font and layout in appearance page & add plugins as your choice.

 Last thing never miss Upload blog logo add title, description, change layout and  modify settings.

Step 4: Launch your Blog

  After Theme activation complete, now time to check your blog choose 2-3 browser to open your site, for PC use Chrome, Firefox,  Microsoft Edge,  also Mobile Phone & Tablets Browser, if your theme design not user friendly you can choose others. Your blog font, color and style more important to a reader.
  If your blog is facing site loading issue like  slow or time taking you can change themes or plugins.Add an SEO plugin for increase visitor to your site search on the plugin page Without SSL Certificate website is not secured so check SSL plugin on the Plugin page and activate now done.

Step 5: Write your first Post

Now your Blog ready next step is to choose a post for your Blog. It’s simple and fun; write your article on any writing tools like Wordpad or ms word. Below some tips for creating the first blog page.

● Focus on content. Content is powerful always, so before posting a new post, check uniqueness, perfect for the blog niche. Most new post already posted available on the internet.

● Easily readable. The reader always searching  that site where all information available basically, you need simple, beautiful, accurate, and informative post for a reader.

● Audience based. The audience needs more information on a blog; it may be education, news, or technology, whatever on trending and most searched. 

Step 6: Add New Content and promote Blog

   You have already know the Blog topic, now time to add a new post regularly it may be daily or weekly depend upon your time also sharing those content which is valuable to the reader; otherwise, no one cares about the Blog.

  Your hard work on posting an article in the Blog, keep updating. Still, no new visitor visits your site that means you don’t promote your Blog or share on other platforms for marketing, below a few ideas regarding promotion of Blog.

 Tell your friends. Share blog to all your friend, family member and social media friend, you can send URL via mail message or social media platform

● Submit site on search engine. Google, Bing search engine commonly used by the visitor to reach out a blog, basically you need to submit the site for the index, submit URL on webmaster page sign-in account verify.

● Share post  on social media. The Social Media platform is best for a new blogger to promote niches, pages or URL. You make an account add fan/friends share the blog.

 Add site on website directory. Internet directory listed site by category offers content topic and visitors. It was a simpler time For listing the website, make sure that the URL being submitted is submitted in the best suitable. Web directory available for free & paid listings

If you have money for digital promotion for the blog, use a reputed and best ads company.

Blog Monetization for Money

Step 7: Blogging make money

   Blogging is money everyone want to make money online, but blogging isn’t the easiest method to make cash, so you need time, dedication, patience and a lot of visitors for the blog. There are plenty of ways to make money from blogging . Below best method to monetize and earning source for a blog.

  Google AdSense.  AdSense is the best advertising Company on the market. You can run ads on your blog and earn money. Google AdSense program can be one of the popular ways to generate income. Adsense ads monetization system is best for a new blog. Google support various types of ads like text, image, video, etc

  CPC/CPM Ads. Cost per click & cost per mile ads that pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ads, usually banners that you place in your content or sidebar. Each time a reader clicks on ads, you are paid for that click. Small to medium bloggers look for the best ad networks offering a good CPC/CPM rate. When compared with Google AdSense, so many good ad networks offering better revenue, service, and support.

  Affiliate Marketing. If you have a digital blog, you can make passive income with affiliate marketing. The simple definition is getting a commission on a sale. An advertiser wants to sell something each sells from the blog after sell you got some commission. Affiliate marketing is just a simple way to offer products and services without having to create your own products and services.

  Private Ads and Product. If you have enough traffic, you can use private ads and product.basically; you connect to the buyer with the seller without a third-party ad company. You can post products and services as you’re your commission and charges. But always choose a trusted person or brand to promote on site.

  all of these tips and revenues for income are my point of view. Don’t be lazy; you try your methods to see what works best for your blog and your visitors.

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